KMA files RICO Class Action against SafeSpeed

On February 2, 2020, we filed a class action complaint against SafeSpeed and related persons and entities for violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). In a Plea Agreement presented to the Honorable Andrea Wood, District Court Judge, on January 28, 2020, former state senator Martin Sandoval admitted that no later than 2016 he received payments of money from SafeSpeed in order to act as its “Protector” in the General Assembly. It also appears that Sandoval sought to override, on SafeSpeed’s behalf, objections of IDOT to at least one Red-Light Camera location, the intersection of Route 83 and 22nd Street in Oakbrook Terrace. Click HERE to see the complaint. And here are some media coverage:

Kent Maynard & Associates has joined forces with LeonardMeyer LLP to prosecuted the Class Claims.

If you would like consider participation in the Red-Light class action, please review and complete the Signup Sheet that follows. We will contact you with details as the litigation progresses.
-Kent Maynard

Red-Light Camera Class Action Signup

If you received a Red-Light Camera ticket and were injured as detailed in the Complaint , you may wish to participate in the Plaintiff Class.

If you wish to learn more about this action, or if you have any questions concerning your rights or interests in respect of these matters, please contact Kent Maynard, Esq., at 312.423.6586 or toll-free at 866.369.7491 or by email to or visit our website at  

If, after reviewing the Complaint and the Retention Agreement, you wish to join this action please fill out the Signup Form below.

* * *

The undersigned (“the Plaintiff”) authorizes, and, upon execution of the Retainer Agreement with Kent Maynard & Associates LLC and Leonard Meyer LP (collectively “the Law Firm”) retains the Law Firm to file an action to recover damages and seek other relief from SafeSpeed and the other Defendants named in the Complaint.

The Law Firm will prosecute the action on a contingent fee basis and will advance all costs and expenses.


The undersigned certifies that:

1. Plaintiff has reviewed the Complaint and authorizes its filing and/or the filing of a Lead Plaintiff motion on Plaintiff’s behalf.

2. Plaintiff has reviewed the Retainer Agreement and wishes to retain Kent Maynard & Associates LLC and LeonardMeyer LLP as counsel pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth therein.

2. Plaintiff is willing to serve as a representative party on behalf of a class, if certified, and will testify at deposition or trial, if called.

3. Plaintiff will not accept any payment for serving as a representative party, except to receive Plaintiff’s pro-rata share of any recovery or as ordered or approved by the Court, including the award to a representative plaintiff of reasonable costs and expenses (including lost wages) directly relating to the representation of the Class.

Plaintiff acknowledges that the Complaint and Retention Agreement have been provided are incorporated herein by reference.

If, before, electing to join the Class you would like to discuss this matter, please contact us at; phone at (312) 423-65875, or toll-free at (866) 369-7461.

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

Signed pursuant to California Civil Code Section 1633.1, et seq. – Uniform Electronic Transactions Act as adopted by the various states and territories of the United States.

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4 Responses to KMA files RICO Class Action against SafeSpeed

  1. Nicole Samardzija says:

    Thank you for helping us fight the gross corruption (especially involving the racketeering and misconduct with Red Light Violations)! We must work together to end the cycle of “pay for play,” “quid pro quo” and other money making schemes our politicians have used against us.

    • GD_ADMIN says:

      I could not agree more. As it turns out there is an easy cost-free way to make intersections safer: Increase the Yellow light change interval. That reduces red-light violations and accidents. But SafeSpeed doesn’t make money by preventing violations (and accidents), it makes money when someone runs a red light.
      How motivated do you think it is to prevent infractions and prevent accidents?

  2. Stacey Dahlberg says:

    It was my husbands birthday as we just left Ditka’s. I was following my son who was behind my husband. We all stopped at the light. If i had not stopped i would have hit my son. Yet i got a red light ticket.

    • GD_ADMIN says:

      Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. Please call me at 312.23.6586 when you have a moment. Recently, we filed an amended complaint.

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